Transmission licence C16 statements and consultations

We are required to establish statements and guidelines in accordance with special condition C16 of the statements of the transmission licence. On this page you will find all C16-related documents, including consultations.  

Latest statements

These are the latest versions of C16-related statements and guidelines.

C16 consultations

On an annual basis, we undertake consultations in respect of the C16 statements.

Past C16 consultations



Published Sort ascending Name
C16 PG Appendix C - 'cat 5'
Appendix G - SMAF P217A and Review changes
Apendix C
C16 Authority Report - Appendix D
Appendix B - BSAD P217A
APPENDIX-E-BPS-V12_0 October 13
C16 BPS Appendix A - 'cat5'
C16 PG Appendix A - 'cat 5'
C16 Authority Report - Appendix E
Consultation - P217A and Review
SMAF - Appendix F
C16 Authority Report - Appendix G
c16 consultation document 16jan09
Appendix E BPS plus plain english changes
C16 Appendix C PGs technical changes
16.1.09 C16 Consultation Document
C16 Authority Report - Appendix F
Appendix E - BSAD P217A and Review changes
C16 BPS Consultation - 'cat5'
C16 Authority Report - Appendix A
TRACC paper
Excel spreadsheet for Cat5 worked examples
SMAF - Appendix D
Worked examples for cat5 intertrip service
c16 consultation document 16jan09(1)
BSAD - Appendix E
C16 Appendix F BPS plus plain english changes
Appendix C - SMAF P217A
C16 Appendix D BPS technical changes
C16 Authority Report - Appendix H
C16 Authority Report
C16 Authority Report - Appendix C
Consultation Questions
Consultation Report - BSAD and SMAF
Ofgem Direction 19 May 2009 – cat5 PGs and BPS consultation
C16 PG Appendix B - 'cat 5'