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Data explorer

On this page, you will find data we've published relating to the commercial operation of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS). This data includes cost and volume forecasts, and outcomes relating to balancing services, reserve, and response. We also include information associated with contract and services reports, showing the costs of balancing services and the results of tender assessments. 

Real-time demand data

Click here to view a graph of demand data over the last 60 minutes.

Demand data

Historic Frequency Data

Click here to view historic second-by-second frequency data.

Outcome system services

Find out about contracted and reactive energy volumes and data.

Contracted energy volumes and data

As of 24/11/17 Contract Volume files are split by Fixed Price and Index-Linked Volumes. See the "Fixed Price and Index Linked Contract Volumes" section below for these files.

Outcome energy services

These are documents related to the outturn for energy services we have used such as STOR, Fast Reserve, Fast Start, and Frequency Response

Balancing services adjustment data (BSAD)

We are required to publish BSAD. You can access the data via the BSAD portal.

For any issues in the contact us please contact on [email protected].

Trading data

To find data for forward contracts, please go to our forward contracts data feed.

To find data for warming contracts, please go to our warming contracts data feed.

PGBT offer details

We will provide PGBT offer submission data on a reasonable-endeavours basis by the end of business day + 1.

Each PGBT offer submission is reported against the start date of the PGBT requirement with which this offer is associated.

All valid offers will be published even if they are subsequently withdrawn or expire.

The Requirement Identifier Code is a unique number associated with each PGBT requirement identified by National Grid.

If you have any questions, please contact our NETA helpdesk on 0800 777770.