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We deal with all aspects of contracts for connections to use the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS). We provide industry-related and large connections. We do not supply or bill domestic consumers. If you have an enquiry about a domestic property or a small/medium industrial property (not a power station), please contact your local distribution network operator (DNO).

Applying for an electricity connection

Details about qualifying to connect to the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) and what you need to in order to make an application to connect.

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Developing your connection

Compliance obligations before you connect and how to modify your connection application.

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After you have connected

How to modify or disconnect, connection registers, reports, and details of the compensation process for loss of access.

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Charging and methodology

Charges that users of the electricity transmission system have to pay, how they are calculated and what changes are currently being considered by the industry.

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Connecting with confidence

How we use our technical expertise and extensive network to help you connect to the national grid in England and Wales.

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Further enquiries

Domestic and small connections

Contact your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) if you have an electricity enquiry about any of the following:

  • a domestic property;
  • a small/medium industrial property;
  • development of Power Station of less than 150MW in England or Wales;
  • development of Power Station of less than 10MW in Scotland.

Industry-related and large connections

Contact us on [email protected] for industry enquiries relating to:

  • 275kV and above system in England and Wales;

  • 132kV and above system in Scotland.

Please do not contact us for domestic and household-related queries.  Please contact your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) instead.

For questions about submitting an application, an existing application or connection, or security options, please contact the relevant Team Leader (below) or your Customer Contract Manager.

England and Wales Connections Team

Contact us about:

  • new connections to the NETS at 400kV or 275kV;

  • modifications to an existing connection agreement;

  • all enquiries relating to existing or proposed new and existing generation connections in England and Wales; 

  • all enquiries relating to existing or proposed interconnectors from Great Britain to other countries.

[email protected]

Scotland Connections Team

Contact us about:

  • new connections to the NETS and the distribution system onshore in Scotland and the Western Isles;

  • modifications to existing connections agreements;

  • any related liaison with Scottish transmission owners and Scottish regional energy bodies.

[email protected]

Connections Compliance Team

Contact us about:

  • all customer compliance in relation to the Grid Code and bilateral agreements for new and existing connections.

[email protected]

GB Connection Assessment Team

Contact us about:

  • technical requirements for new connections to the GB Network;

  • technical support for modifications to an existing connection agreement;

  • the connection and infrastructure optioneering note process (CION) for offshore generators and interconnectors;

  • power quality requirements and queries for all generators connecting to the GB network.

[email protected]

Questions about domestic connections

We do not charge or supply domestic consumers directly. If you have questions about your household bills, domestic meter, or related issues please contact your network operator. You can find out who your operator is by entering your post code on the Energy Networks website.

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