System Operator Transmission Owner Code

The System Operator Transmission Owner Code (STC) defines the relationship between the transmission system owners and the system operator.

STC documents

Complete STC
STC Framework Agreement
Index of Revisions v3_February 2017
Schedule 3 - Information and Data Exchange Specification v6
Section D - Planning Co-ordination v7
Schedule 1 - Accession Agreement
Section C - Transmission Services and Operations v7
Section J - Interpretation and Definitions v15
Section B - Governance v15
STC Table of Contents
Section A - Applicability of Sections and Code Structure v4
Section E - Payments and Billing v3
Section F - Communications and Data v3
Section G - General Provisions v5
Section H - Dispute Resolution v7
Section I - Transition v3
Section K – Technical Design and Operational Criteria and Performance Requirements for Offshore Tran
Schedule 4 - Criteria for Assessing Those Transmission Systems Affected by a Construction Project v3
Schedule 5 - NGET Connection Application v6
Schedule 6 - NGET Modification Applications v4
Schedule 7 - System Construction Applications v5
Schedule 8 - TO Construction Offers v5
Schedule 9 - TO Construction Terms v6
Schedule 10 - Charges v3_1
Schedule 11 - TEC Exchange Rate Applications v3
Schedule 12 - TO TEC Exchange Rates v3
Schedule 13 - NGET Requests for Statement of Works v5
Schedule 15 – Transmission Interface Agreement v1
Schedule 2 - List of Code Procedures v23
Schedule A - List of Parties 01-02-2018

STC procedures

STCP01-1 - Operational Switching
STCP22 - 1 Production of Models for GB System Planning
STCP21-1 - Network Options Assessment
STCP20-1 - Electricity Ten Year Statement
STCP19-5 - Offshore Transmission System Compliance Process and Testing
STCP11-2 - Outage Data Exchange
STCP16-1 - Investment Planning
STCP18-1 Connection and Modification Application
STCP06-1 Black Start
STCP04-3 Real Time Data Provision
STCP26-1 - Active Network Management
STCP24-1 - Revenue Forecast Information Provision
STCP19-4 - Commisssioning and Decommissioning
STCP02-1 - Alarm and Event Management
STCP04-6 - Offshore Datalink Functional Specification for Telecontrol Communications Interface
STCP04-1 - Real Time Data Change Management
STCP19-3 - Operational Notification and Compliance Testing
STCP04-2 - Real Time Datalink Management
STCP19-6 - Application Fee Refresh Template
STCP19-6 - Application Fee
STCP03-1 - Post Event Analysis and Reporting
STCP04-4 - Provision of Asset Operational Information
STCP04-5 - Operational Telephony
STCP06-2 - De-synchronised Island Management
STCP06-3 - System Incident Management
STCP06-4 - Contingency Arrangements
STCP08-1 - Protection Testing
STCP08-2 - Circuit Live Trip and DAR Tests
STCP08-3 - Operation Tests and System Tests
STCP08-4 - User Tests
STCP09-1 - Safety Co-ordination between Parties
STCP09-2 - Site Public and Environmental Safety
STCP10-1 - Asset Nomenclature
STCP11-1 - Outage Planning
STCP11-3 - TO Outage Change Costing
STCP12-1 - Data Exchange Mechanism
STCP13-1 Invoicing and Payment
STCP14-1 Data Exchange for Charge Setting
STCP14-2 - Data Exchange for Charging Consultations
STCP14-3 - Customer Charging Enquiries
STCP17-1 - Feasibility Study
STCP18-2 - Use of System Application
STCP18-3 - TEC Changes
STCP18-4 - Request for a Statement of Works
STCP18-6 - Variations to Agreements
STCP19-2 - Construction Process and Scheme Closure
STCP23-1 - Offshore Party Entry Process
STCP25-1 - Significant Code Review Process
STCP25-2 - Send Back Process
STCP25-3 - Fast Track Self Governance Process