Security and Quality of Supply Standards

The Security and Quality of Supply Standards set out criteria and the methodology for planning and operating the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).

ID Name Status Last updated Sort ascending
GSR016 GSR016: Small and Medium Embedded Generation Assumptions Current 28 Feb 2018
GSR022 GSR022: Review of Security and Economy Required Transfer Conditions Current 5 Oct 2016
GSR020 GSR020: Modification of Clause to Allow Single Transformer Offshore Substations of Capacity Greater Than 90MW Concluded 2 Nov 2015
GSR021 GSR021: Operational and Planning Criteria for 220kV Transmission Assets Concluded 21 Sep 2015
GSR018 GSR018: Treatment of Sub-Synchronous Oscillations SSO in the NETS SQSS Concluded 31 Jul 2014
GSR019 GSR019: Review of Chapter 7 Double Busbar Requirements Concluded 31 Jul 2014
GSR017 GSR017: Treatment of Switch Faults in Operational Timescales Concluded 3 Feb 2014
GSR012 GSR012: Interconnectors Current 7 Dec 2013
GSR013 GSR013: Review of Offshore Infeed Loss Concluded 7 Dec 2013
GSR014 GSR014: Offshore Transformer Requirements Concluded 7 Dec 2013