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Grid Code

The Grid Code is the technical code for connection and development of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).

The Grid Code Review Panel (GCRP) is a standing body established and maintained by National Grid in accordance with the General Conditions of the Grid Code. The GCRP, under normal circumstances, meetings every other month.  It will convene ad-hoc meetings when required. 

The Panel is made up of members from across the industry who have an interest in the development of the Grid Code and its aims include keeping the Grid Code and its working under review, discussing and reviewing suggestions for amendments to the Grid Code, and issuing guidance in relation to the Grid Code.

Trisha Mcauley

Independent Chair

Chrissie Brown

Panel Secretary

Gurpal Singh

Ofgem Representative

Martin Queen

Ofgem Representative (Alternate)

Nick Rubin

BSC Representative

John Lucas

BSC Representative (Alternate)

Kyla Berry

NGET Representative

Fergus Healy

NGET Representative (Alternate)

Graeme Vincent

Onshore Transmission Owner

Le Fu

Onshore Transmission Operator (Alternate)

Offshore Transmission Operator (TBC)

Offshore Transmission Operator

Guy Nicholson


Damian Jackman


Alastair Frew


Kate Dooley


Sigrid Bolik

Generator (Alternate)

Lisa Waters

Generator (Alternate)

Steve Cox

DNO Representative

Alan Creighton

DNO Representative
01977 605920

Jim Barber

DNO Representative (Alternative)

Gordon Kelly

DNO Representative (Alternative)

Naomi Davies

Code Admin Representative

Robert Longden

Supplier Representative