Grid Code

The Grid Code is the technical code for connection and development of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).

ID Name Status Last updated Sort ascending
GC0112 GC0112: National Grid Legal Separation Grid Code changes to incorporate NGESO Current 14 Aug 2018
GC0109 GC0109: The open, transparent, non discriminatory and timely publication of the various GB electricity Warnings or Notices or Alerts or Declarations or Instructions or Directions etc., issued by or to the Network Operator(s). Current 14 Aug 2018
GC0110 GC0110: LFSM-O compliance requirements for Type As and B PGMs Current 8 Aug 2018
GC0106 GC0106: Data exchange requirements in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/1485 (SOGL) Current 6 Aug 2018
GC0119 GC0119: Post Open Governance Implementation Housekeeping Changes Current 26 Jul 2018
GC0115 GC0115: Legal Separation housekeeping: NGET to The Company Current 23 Jul 2018
GC0116 GC0116: Correction to the compliance dates included in modifications GC0100-102 for the Requirements for Generators (RfG) and HVDC European Network Codes and other minor housekeeping changes Current 23 Jul 2018
GC0098 GC0098: Using GB Grid Code data to construct the EU Common Grid Model in accordance with Regulation EU 2015 1222 CACM and Regulation EU 2016 1719 FCA Current 23 Jul 2018
GC0096 GC0096: Energy Storage Current 19 Jul 2018
GC0118 GC0118: Modification to the Grid Code to accommodate the recent Distribution Code modification to Engineering Recommendation P28 –Voltage fluctuations and the connection of disturbing equipment to transmission systems and distribution networks in the UK Current 17 Jul 2018