Electrical standards documents including specifications for electronic data communications facilities

Here you will find the electrical standards documents that apply to transmission-connected generators in England, Wales, and Scotland. Please use the table below to see which standards apply to your connection.

  RES SPT SHE Transmission EDL/EDT Control Telephony
Directly connected in England & Wales    
Directly connected in SPT’s area    
Directly connected in SHE Transmission’s area    
Embedded BM Participant      

RES = Relevant Electrical Standards
SPT = Scottish Power Transmission
SHE = Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission   
EDL = Electronic Dispatch Logging
EDT = Electronic Data Transfer

England and Wales electrical standards

Relevant Electrical Standards - RES i2
Back-Up Protection Grading across NGET's and other Network Operator Interfaces - RES PS(T) 044 i1
Ratings and General Requirements for Plant, Equipment and Apparatus directly connected to the National Grid System - TS 1 (RES)
Substations - TS 2.01PART 1 (RES)
Switchgear - TS 2.02 Part 1 (RES)
Substation Auxiliary Supplies - TS 2.12 (RES)
Ancillary Light Current Equipment - TS 2.19 (RES)
Substation Interlocking Schemes - TS 3.01.01 (RES)
Earthing Requirements - TS 3.01.02 (RES)
Circuit Breakers - TS 3.02.01 (RES)
Disconnectors and Earthing Switches - TS 3.02.02 (RES)
Current Transformers for Protection and General Use - TS 3.02.04 (RES)
Voltage Transformers - TS 3.02.05 (RES)
Bushings - TS 3.02.07 (RES)
Solid Core Post Insulators for Substations - TS 3.02.09 (RES)
Voltage Dividers - TS 3.02.12 (RES)
Gas Insulated Switchgear - TS 3.02.14 (RES)
Environmental and Test Requirements for Electronic Equipment - TS 3.24.15 (RES)
Busbar Protection - TS 3.24.34 (RES)
Circuit Breaker Fail Protection - TS 3.24.39 (RES)
Synchronising - TS 3.24.60 (RES)
System Monitor – Dynamic System Monitoring (DSM) - TS 3.24.70 (RES)
Protection & Control for HVDC Systems - TS 3.24.90 (RES)
Ancillary Services Business Monitoring - TS 3.24.95 (RES)
Guidance for Working in Proximity to Live Conductors – Reducing the Risk - TGN(E) 186 (RES)
General Conditions - RES 24
Control Telephony Electrical Standard (Issue 1)
LImits for Temporary Overvoltages in England and Wales Network TGN(E) 288

RES guidance document