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Connection and Use of System Code

The Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC) is the contractual framework for connection to, and use of, the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).

ID Name Status Last updated Sort ascending
CMP292 Introducing a Section 8 cut-off date for changes to the Charging Methodologies Current 19 Feb 2018
CMP291 The open,transparent,non discriminatory and timely publication of the harmonised rules for grid connection (in accordance with the RfG, DCC and HVDC) and the harmonised rules on system operation set out within the Bilateral Agreements Current 19 Feb 2018
CMP290 Housekeeping change to CUSC Section 14 required as a result of the implementation of CMP264, CMP265, CMP268 and CMP282 Current 19 Feb 2018
CMP289 Consequential change to support the introduction of explicit charging arrangements for customer delays and backfeeds via CMP288 Current 19 Feb 2018
CMP288 Explicit charging arrangements for customer delays and backfeeds Current 19 Feb 2018
CMP250 CMP250: Stabilising BSUoS with at least a twelve month notice period Current 2 Feb 2018
CMP281 ‘Removal of BSUoS Charges From Energy Taken From the National Grid System by Storage Facilities' Current 30 Jan 2018
CMP280 ‘Creation of a New Generator TNUoS Demand Tariff which Removes Liability for TNUoS Demand Residual Charges from Generation and Storage Users' Current 30 Jan 2018
CMP285 ‘CUSC Governance Reform – Levelling the Playing Field ' Current 30 Jan 2018
CMP287 Improving TNUoS Predictability Through Increased Notice of Inputs Used in the TNUoS Tariff Setting Process. Current 30 Jan 2018