Connection and Use of System Code

The Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC) is the contractual framework for connection to, and use of, the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).

ID Name Status Last updated Sort ascending
CMP297 Aligning CUSC and BSC post-TERRE (Section 11) – consequential modification to introduce definition of Virtual Lead Party Current 25 May 2018
CMP296 Aligning the CUSC to the BSC post-P344 (Project TERRE) to exempt Virtual Lead Parties from BSUoS. Current 25 May 2018
CMP268 CMP268: Recognition of sharing by Conventional Carbon plant of Not-Shared Year-Round circuits Concluded 22 May 2018
CMP265 CMP265: Gross charging of TNUoS for HH demand where embedded generation is in Capacity Market Concluded 22 May 2018
CMP264 CMP264: Embedded Generation Triad Avoidance Standstill Concluded 22 May 2018
CMP261 CMP261: Ensuring the TNUoS paid by Generators in GB in Charging Year 2015/16 is in compliance with the €2.5/MWh annual average limit set in EU Regulation 838/2010 Part B (3) Concluded 22 May 2018
CMP269 CMP269: Potential consequential changes to the CUSC as a result of CMP264 Concluded 22 May 2018
CMP270 CMP270: Potential consequential changes to the CUSC as a result of CMP265 Concluded 22 May 2018
CMP283 ‘Consequential Changes to enable the Interconnector Cap and Floor regime' Concluded 22 May 2018
CMP282 ‘The effect Negative Demand has on Zonal Locational Demand Tariffs' Concluded 22 May 2018