Connection and Use of System Code

The Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC) is the contractual framework for connection to, and use of, the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).

Exhibits to the CUSC

Exhibit A Accession Agreement - v1_2
Exhibit R BELLA Offer - v1_2
Exhibit M Secured Amount Statement - v1_1
Exhibit B Connection Application - v1.15
Exhibit C Connection Offer - v1.9
Exhibit D Use of System Application - v1_9
CUSC Exh E Use of System Offer v1_6
CUSC Exhb F Use of System Application v1_10
CUSC Exh G Use of System Supply Offer and Confirmation Notice v1_4
CUSC Exh H Use of System Interconnector Offer and Confirmation Notice v1_5
CUSC Exh I Modification Application v1_12
CUSC Exh J Modification Offer_v1_5
Exhibit K Modification Notification - v1_4
Exhibit L Bi-Annual Estimate for Bilateral Agreement - v1_1
Exhibit MM1 Cancellation Charge Statement v2_0
ExExhibit MM2 Cancellation Charge Secured Amount v1_0
Exhibit MM3 Notification of Fixed Attributable Works Cancellation Charge V1_1
Exhibit N Notice of Drawing - v1_1
Exhibit O Interface Agreements Part 1A: The company Assets on user land in England and Wales -v1.2
Exhibit O Interface Agreements Part I B - Relevant Transmission Licensee Assets on User Land in Scot
Exhibit O Interface Agreements Part II A - User Assets on The Company Land - v1_2
Exhibit O Interface Agreements Part II B - User Assets on Relevant Transmission Licensee Land - v1_1
Exhibit O Interface Agreements Part II C User Assets On RTL Offshore Platform – V1_0
Exhibit P STTEC Request Form - v1_1
CUSC Exh Q BELLA Application_V1_7
Exh S V1_1
Exhibit T LDTEC Availability Notification - v1_1
Exhibits U - Request for a Statement of Works v1_4
Exhibit V - Statement of Works V1_2
Exhibit W - Temporary TEC Exchange Rate Request Form
Exhibit Q - Connect and Manage V1.7
Exhibit X V1.0