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Balancing services

We procure services to balance demand and supply and to ensure the security and quality of electricity supply across Britain's transmission system. 

Frequency response services

Our licence obligation is to control system frequency at 50Hz plus or minus 1%. Find out how to work with us.

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Reserve services

Find out how we access sources of extra power, so we can manage unforeseen demand increase or generation unavailability.

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System security services

Find out about the techniques and services we use to help maintain the security and quality of electricity supply across Britain's transmission system.

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Electricity trading

Power exchange trades, forward trades, and balancing contract enactment to meet forecast requirements at minimum cost in advance of the balancing mechanism.

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Reactive power services

The flows of reactive power on the system affect voltage levels. Find out about the services we use to manage this.

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Demand side response (DSR)

Demand side response (DSR) is all about intelligent energy use. Find out how DSR can help business and consumers save on total energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Find the forms you need to set up or change bank details with us, to change a reactive meter, change a contact or want to find out about statements, estimates and invoicing.

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Future of balancing services

A smart, flexible system that makes the best use of all the energy resources available will enable us to meet our customers’ needs in a balanced, efficient and economical way.

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