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Demand turn up

The demand turn up service encourages large energy users and generators to either increase demand or reduce generation at times of high renewable output and low national demand. This typically occurs overnight and during weekend afternoons in the summer. Find out about routes to market as a provider.

Routes to market

There are two routes to market for demand turn up providers, fixed and flexible.

Fixed demand turn up

This will be procured through a tender in February 2017.

As part of the tender, interested parties will submit their availability and utilisation prices to us.

If successful, these prices will be fixed for the duration of the BST, although utilisation prices can be lowered below the tendered price if desired, in order to be cost-competitive with other solutions.

The advantage of the fixed service route is guaranteed availability payments during the windows that providers declare themselves as available (not including ‘optional windows’).

Documents for fixed demand turn up

Flexible demand turn up

The advantage of the flexible route is that it offers the ability to change availability and utilisation payments frequently to reflect weather and market conditions.

This route will be open for the duration of BST.

Parties that would like the flexibility to change availability and utilisation prices frequently, may choose this route. 

Parties where any of the following applies can choose this route:

  • unsuccessful during the fixed tender; or
  • not able to meet the February tender deadline.

Documents for flexible demand turn up