Our response to coronavirus

Find out how we're working to keep the electricity and gas flowing reliably throughout the outbreak.

National Grid Electricity Transmission

We help to connect you to the electricity you use. Every time you plug in your phone or flick a switch, we’ve played a part. 

We own the electricity transmission network in England and Wales, and we make sure electricity reaches homes and businesses safely, reliably and efficiently.

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Expert consultancy for your projects

Did you know that we can offer refurbishment and maintenance services for your equipment, as well as technical support and consultancy through our Engineering and Consultancy Solutions team? Our portfolio ranges from asset maintenance and replacement to emergency incident response and operational control. We can also advise and manage your self-build projects on your behalf. Take a look at our portfolio of services.

Engineering and Consultancy Solutions (ECS)

Connections tools

Find out about the solutions available to you and how we can help manage, maintain and develop your assets and business.

Innovating to net zero

Our commitment to innovation allows us to run, build, and maintain our network more efficiently and effectively.

Carbon Weighting Burton Cirhan Truswell networks digger and pylons

Our network in numbers

There’s much more to Electricity Transmission than the assets that make up the network.


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