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Visual Impact Provision

The Visual Impact Provision (VIP) project represents a major opportunity to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife, and environmental heritage within our most protected landscapes.

The Visual Impact Provision project

The project is making use of a £500m provision by Ofgem to carry out work that reduced the impact of existing transmission lines in English and Welsh Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) and National Parks. 

At National Grid we are passionate about playing our part in conserving and enhancing the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the landscape.

The most important task for us is to use this provision to achieve the maximum enhancement to our nation’s precious landscapes while avoiding unacceptable environmental impacts.

To ensure that we get this right and maximise the potential of the Visual Impact Provision project, National Grid is working closely and collaboratively with stakeholders.

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Our main VIP projects

We have assessed 571km of our electricity transmission line in AONBs and National Parks to identify which sections have the highest visual impact on their surroundings. 

Using input from technical experts, local stakeholders and communities, the Stakeholder Advisory Group recommended priority schemes where replacing the overhead line with an underground connection could have a transformative effect on the landscape. 


VIP Sixth Annual Report

The sixth annual report for the Visual Impact Provision (VIP) project covers an extraordinary 12 months, characterised by strong progress against a highly challenging backdrop.

Find out more by downloading the report from the Project Document section of this webpage.

VIP Fifth Annual Report

The fifth annual report for the Visual Impact Provision (VIP) project covers the activities that we have undertaken over the last year, our engagement work with a wide range of stakeholders and an overview of each of the prioritised projects.

It’s been an exciting year for VIP, including the commencement of construction in Dorset and submission of a planning application in the Peak District. In addition to the prioritised projects, National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty across England and Wales are continuing to benefit from the Landscape Enhancement Initiative.

Find out more by downloading the report from the Project Document section of this webpage.

Review of the VIP policy

National Grid published its VIP policy in 2013 to set out how we propose to make use of the £500m provision made available by Ofgem. It contains the five guiding principles that underpin the decision-making on the project to ensure fairness and balance. As per our commitment in the policy we reviewed it in 2017 to ensure that it remains fit for purpose.

The review was carried out in consultation with the project’s Stakeholder Advisory Group and wider stakeholders including Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Park representatives and Stakeholder Reference Group members. It concluded that the policy is still fit for purpose and does not require any substantive revision. However, some minor updates to the policy were made, such as updating weblinks to background and supporting documents.

This updated version of the VIP policy, as well as further information on the policy review process, can be found in the Project Document section of this webpage.

VIP policy review - your views

The Visual Impact Provision policy document sets out the way in which we propose to make use of the £500 million allowance made available by Ofgem. We published the policy in 2013 following a public consultation. It contains the five guiding principles that have underpinned everything that we have done to date. 

The policy states that we will review it in 2017 with a view to revising it as necessary to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

Over the last few months, we have reviewed the policy and concluded that it is still well suited to its role and does not require any significant revision. However, we have identified the need for some minor updates to the policy that we are proposing to make as follows:

  • Section 01: Introduction – the removal of the word ‘new’ in relation to Visual Impact Provision allowance as we are now halfway through the price control period.
  • Section 04: Guiding Principles – adding the need to avoid unacceptable impacts on the historic environment to the second guiding principle. 
  • Section 05: Engagement with stakeholders – changing English Heritage to Historic England to reflect that they have changed their name since the policy was first published.
  • Section 08: Contacts – updating the contact details with our current website address and the VIP hotline number.
  • Throughout the document, updating web links to background and supporting documents where they have changed. 

As part of the review, we would like to hear your views on the policy. You can send us your comments by: 

Emailing [email protected]lgrid.com, or writing to our Freepost address at FREEPOST VISUAL IMPACT PROVISION

Please let us have your comments back before Thursday, 26th October 2017

We will take the feedback we receive to the next Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting for discussion and agree any changes to the policy with them.

Visual Impact Provision documents