Our response to coronavirus

Find out how we're working to keep the electricity and gas flowing reliably throughout the outbreak.
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Working near our assets

On this page, you'll find guidance and support for working near our electricity transmission assets, including overhead lines and underground cables. 

Working near our electricity assets

Are you proposing, scheduling, or designing developments close to our electricity transmission assets? Our electricity assets include overhead lines, pylons, underground cables, and transmission substations. 

For electrical assets, we do not authorise or agree safe systems of work with developers and contractors. However, we will advise on issues such as electrical safety clearances and the location of towers and cables. We also work with developers to minimise the impact of any of our assets that are nearby.

You can find out more about the basic safety and location of our assets by downloading our guidance document for working near electricity equipment.






Download guidance document

What to do in an emergency

If you spot a potential hazard on or near an overhead electricity line please call the 24-hour electricity emergency helpline : 

0800 40 40 90 

Follow these steps:

  • do not approach any hazard, even at ground level - keep as far away as possible

  • warn anyone in the area to evacuate or stay away
  • tell us where the emergency is. If you don't know you can describe the area or look for road signs
  • explain what's happened and what you can see
  • give your name and phone number.

Enquiries about our assets

If you have any questions or need more information about our network assets, please contact Cadent's Plant Protection team.

Cadent provide first-line support for our assets so you can:

  • find out if it's safe to dig before you start
  • find out where underground electricity cables and gas pipelines are buried
  • report any works you are planning in Britain.

Phone: 0800 688 588

Email: [email protected]