A field landscape with electricity pylons and overhead cabling and a bright sun setting in a blue sky

Landscape Enhancement Initiative (LEI)

The Landscape Enhancement Initiative (LEI) is an important part of the VIP project.  Championed by our stakeholders, the initiative aims to use up to £24m of the Ofgem provision for smaller visual improvement projects.

The idea for the Landscape Enhancement Initiative came from our Stakeholder Advisory Group, which wanted to ensure that as many landscapes as possible can benefit from Ofgem’s provision.

Launched in May 2016, the initiative aims to use up to £24 million of the provision for smaller projects to reduce the visual and landscape impacts of our existing overhead lines and enhance the surrounding landscapes.

Each of the 30 AONBs and National Parks which contain or are impacted by National Grid’s existing electricity transmission infrastructure is eligible to apply for project grants of up to £200,000. 

Applications are reviewed by the LEI Approvals Panel, chaired by Mary O’Connor of the Landscape Institute and including experts from Cadw, Historic England, Natural England and Natural Resources Wales.  The Panel then makes recommendations to Ofgem on which projects should be funded. 

More than £2.3 million in LEI funding has been awarded to date to support a variety of landscape projects across England and Wales.