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SEA Link

The UK has set a clear ambition for our country to be a global leader in clean energy. The Government has set a commitment to reach Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and an ambition to connect 40 GW of offshore wind by 2030 – enough energy to power every home in the country.

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To achieve this, offshore wind is being developed at scale and around 60% of the current offshore wind projects will come ashore along the east coast.

Couple this with new nuclear generation proposed in East Anglia and greater interconnection with countries across the North Sea, and we expect to see a significant increase in the level of renewable and low carbon electricity generation connecting in East Anglia and the south east.

While our existing high voltage electricity network has been sufficient until today, it doesn’t have the capability needed to reliably and securely transport all the energy that will be connected by 2030 while working to the required standards. We will need to reinforce the transmission network along the East Coast to deliver this greener energy to homes and businesses.

To do this, we are proposing to build a new high voltage direct current (HVDC) subsea electricity link to increase the capability of our network between Suffolk and Kent.

The new link will allow 2GW of power to be transmitted between the East Anglian and south coast regions of our network.  

Along with other network reinforcements, it will put in place the network capability that is needed in the next decade to deliver cleaner greener energy to homes and business across the country.

Our proposals

We would install HVDC cables, running from a terrestrial converter station near the coast in Suffolk, under the sea before coming on land and connecting to a converter station near the coast in Kent.

We are currently carrying out surveys and assessments to identify potential locations for the converter stations and the offshore and onshore cable routes.

The link It will play a vital role in delivering electricity efficiently, reliably, and safely and will support the UK’s move to reduce carbon emissions.

Public consultation

We want to hear the views of local people and we’ll be speaking to local communities, elected members and interested groups to explain our plans and ask for feedback. We will carefully consider all consultation feedback as we develop our proposals.

We will hold public consultation events by early 2022, and we look forward to hearing your views.

About National Grid

National Grid sits at the heart of Britain’s energy system, connecting millions of people and businesses to the energy they use every day. We bring energy to life – in the heat, light and power we bring to our customer’s homes and businesses; in the way that we support our communities and help them to grow; and in the way we show up in the world. It is our vision to be at the heart of a clean, fair and affordable energy future.

Our individual companies run the systems and infrastructure that deliver electricity and gas across the country.

National Grid Electricity Transmission own, build, and manage the electricity grid in England and Wales to which many different energy sources are connected. National Grid Gas Transmission own, build, and manage the gas transmission network in Great Britain, making gas available when and where it’s needed. National Grid ESO (Electricity System Operator) control the movement of electricity around the country ensuring supply meets demand. Finally, National Grid Ventures (NGV) is the competitive division of National Grid, investing in energy projects, technologies, and partnerships to accelerate the development of our clean energy future.

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Project timeline

We hope to hold our first public consultation events in early 2022, and we look forward to hearing your views.

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