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What are we proposing in the Tadcaster area? 

To manage the power flows on the existing 275kV Poppleton to Monk Fryston (XC/XCP) overhead line, we need to create a second connection between it and the existing Monk Fryston to Knaresborough and Poppleton to Knaresborough (both XD/PHG) overhead line. 

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At the moment, there are two double circuit transmission lines. To connect into the circuit (which allows electricity to flow from one point to another) on the ‘near’ side we can use a direct ‘tee’ connection from one overhead line to the other. 

To connect to the ‘far’ side we need to install a short section of underground cable to get the electricity safely from one side to the other, between two proposed cable sealing end compounds (where underground cables meet overhead lines). 

What options did we consider for the Tadcaster area? 

The sites for the two cable sealing end compounds need to be as close as possible to the existing overhead lines and, where feasible, as close to each other as possible, to limit the length of underground cable needed.  

The sites must be able to accommodate the cable sealing end compounds, each of which measure approximately 50m x 40m.   

We identified three possible siting areas on the existing 275kV Poppleton to Monk Fryston (XC/XCP) overhead line and seven on the existing 275kV Tadcaster Tee to Knaresborough (XD/PHG) overhead line (See Figure 9), and assessed each site against our Options Appraisal process.   

Developing proposals for the Tadcaster area  

Following the Options Appraisal process, we identified two sites, XC1 and XD1 (See Figure 9), as the preferred options for the cable sealing end compounds. These two sites are close to each other and there is good access. They allow for the shortest underground cable length of approximately 0.5km, which limits potential impacts on the local community and the environment.   

The map below shows a ‘graduated siting area’ where the cable sealing end compounds and underground cables could be located (See Figure 10).  The final locations within the graduated area will depend on any potential modifications following feedback from the public and stakeholders to our initial consultation, and further detailed design work.  

In our first round of consultation, we would welcome your feedback on the graduated siting area for the Tadcaster area which shows our preferred location for the underground cabling and cable sealing end compounds.

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