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What are we proposing in the Monk Fryston substation area? 

To increase and strengthen network capacity to accommodate the increasing energy flows in the Monk Fryston substation area, we need: 

  • a proposed 400kV substation near to, and connecting back into, the existing Monk Fryston substation  

  • to connect the existing 275kV Poppleton to Monk Fryston (XC/XCP) overhead line, which currently goes into the existing Monk Fryston substation, into the proposed 400kV substation. This will include a short section of proposed overhead line and will require some of the existing overhead line to be dismantled  

  • to connect the existing 400kV Monk Fryston to Eggborough (4YS) overhead line, which currently goes into the existing Monk Fryston substation, into the new Monk Fryston substation. This will require some additional equipment in the substation and a section of the existing overhead line to be dismantled.  

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What options did we consider for the Monk Fryston substation area? 

We need a site close to our existing Monk Fryston substation, with sufficient space to accommodate a new substation covering an area approximately 350m x 210m.  

We identified three potential siting areas which meet our technical and engineering requirements, and which we believe best balance the impact on the local community and the environment (See Figure 11).   

Developing proposals for the Monk Fryston substation area  

Our preferred siting area is immediately east of the existing Monk Fryston substation and provides the least complex technical solution. We have developed a ‘graduated siting area’ (See Figure 12) to show where the substation and associated infrastructure could go. The exact location of the substation within this siting area will depend on consultation with stakeholders and further detailed design work.    

In our first round of consultation, we would welcome your feedback on the graduated siting area for the Monk Fryston substation area which shows our preferred location for the new substation and associated infrastructure. 

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