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Works to existing infrastructure (Sections A, C and E)

We need to do additional work in some areas as part of the Yorkshire GREEN Project to ensure that the
network can manage the additional energy flows.

These areas are presented as Sections A, C and E within our consultation plans, which provide a detailed overview of the existing infrastructure that will be improved or replaced in these areas. Each section has been split into sheets (or maps) with 17 sheets in total across these geographical areas.

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What additional changes are we proposing to existing infrastructure?

Osbaldwick substation: Section A

We need to install additional equipment at the Osbaldwick substation, including an isolator (a safety device which disconnects a circuit from electrical supply) and a circuit breaker (a switch which manages and protects power flow). We would also need to build and dismantle an existing gantry, build a new gantry and section of cable at this substation. All construction works, including the construction of any temporary compounds, would take place within the existing operational land at Osbaldwick substation.

Reconductoring works to the north (Section C) and south (Section E) of Tadcaster

We need to carry out upgrading works to the existing 275kV Poppleton to Monk Fryston XC/XCP overhead line route to accommodate the new sections of overhead lines, as set out in the previous sections. Works along this route would involve replacing the conductors (overhead wires) and fittings. Here we are increasing the number of conductors from single to twin, doubling the number of wires on each arm of the pylon to allow the overhead line to transport more power.

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We would welcome any comments you may have on our proposals for works to the existing Osbaldwick substation and reconductoring works to the north and south of Tadcaster, along with any particular locations or features of interest to you:

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What are we proposing in the North west of York area? (Section B)

Proposals for the North west of York area (Section B).

What are we proposing in the Tadcaster area? (Section D)

Proposals for the Tadcaster area (Section D).

What are we proposing in the Monk Fryston substation area? (Section F)

Proposals for the Monk Fryston substation area (Section F).


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