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A green and yellow field landscape with trees and a clear blue sky - Bramford to Twinstead transmission connection project
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Bramford to Twinstead connection project

East of England

The proposed Bramford to Twinstead transmission connection is a new 400,000 volt electricity connection between Bramford substation, west of Ipswich in Suffolk and Twinstead, south of Sudbury in Essex.

We need to build this new connection to upgrade the electricity transmission network – the ‘national grid’ - in East Anglia so we can connect a number of new power generators, including King’s Lynn gas-fired power station, Sizewell C nuclear power station and East Anglia Offshore Wind.

We have been consulting local people since October 2009 and in July 2011 we announced our preferred route corridor – a width of land within which we could build the electricity connection. This corridor runs alongside an existing 400,000 volt overhead line between Bramford and Twinstead Tee. Our selected option means that we could take down the UK Power Networks’ 132,000 volt overhead line running from Burstall Bridge to Twinstead Tee. We will need to make sure local electricity supplies can be maintained and to do this, we need to build a new substation. 

A quarter of the new connection would be buried below ground using underground cables, through the Dedham Vale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and also through the Stour Valley. Together, these two underground cable sections will run for about eight kilometres.

Latest update

Changes to generation projects in the East Anglia area mean that the new Bramford to Twinstead connection does not need to be in place as early as originally expected. In November 2013 the project was therefore temporarily put on hold.

We will continue to liaise with the generators and will work closely with them to ensure the new connection is there when it is needed.

We will update everyone on the project during the coming months and years.