Our response to coronavirus

Find out how we're working to keep the electricity and gas flowing reliably throughout the outbreak.
A high angle view of an electricity pylon against a blue and cloudy sky

New Essential Infrastructure


South West

We have refurbished the overhead power lines between St Teath and Otterham, view our interactive map.

Project description

In October 2018 we completed the refurbishment of the overhead power line between Otterham and St Teath. As part of our investment in the energy network in the South West, we’ve replaced steelwork on around 50 pylons, over a 16km distance. We also repainted some of the towers along the line.

We installed temporary towers at some of our pylons to transfer the wires and maintain the flow of electricity on the network. The towers have since been removed. We also temporarily closed a section of road to ensure the safety of the public and our workforce. We reopened the road as soon as it was safe to do so.

We’re a responsible business and have been active in the local community while we’ve been working in the area. We helped boost road safety by donating some National Grid fluorescent slap bands to pupils at Otterham Primary School.

We kept local councils and communities informed of our progress. We’re still working closely with landowners to ensure the footpaths, fields and access points are restored to the same condition as they were before work started.

We’d like to thank you for your patience while we’ve been in the area. If you have any questions, please contact our Community Relations team on 0800 073 1047. They’re available daily from 7am to 7pm.