Our response to coronavirus

Find out how we're working to keep the electricity and gas flowing reliably throughout the outbreak.
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Essential Refurbishment

Bredbury to South Manchester

North West

Across the UK, National Grid is updating many of its assets, including overhead lines and underground cables, to make sure you have the power you need at the flick of a switch.

Project description

In November 2019, we started work to replace the existing underground electricity cable which connects the pylons at the Trans Pennine Trail, behind Powerleague, and at Penny Lane, off Lancashire Hill.

After nearly 60 years of service, the existing cable now needs to be replaced. This will keep the transmission network in first-class working order and help meet future electricity demands.

Bredbury Map

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We need to install the new cable in a different location to the existing cable. This is so we can reduce long outages on the circuit, which will help to maintain electricity supplies. The old cable was installed prior to the M60. The new cable position will minimise the need to close roads when we install it or during maintenance in the future.

Please note, our work won’t affect electricity supplies in the area.

We held two community information events in September 2019 to share our plans with local residents – at St Martin’s Church Hall and Heaton Norris Community Centre. We’d like to thank everyone who came along.

We understand our work will affect the local community and we’ll work hard to minimise disruption while we carry out our essential work. We’ll advertise any road and footpath closures and let you know when we’ll work in your area.

We expect to complete the main cable replacement works in December 2020. From January until March 2021 we’ll work at Bredbury substation. From March until December 2021 we’ll return to decommission the old cable and remove the above ground structures associated with it.

Continuation of critical works during coronavirus outbreak

As an owner of critical national infrastructure, we at National Grid know that millions of people are relying on us, now more than ever, to keep the lights on and the gas flowing. We have hundreds of engineers working hard to ensure energy can continue to be supplied safely and efficiently to hospitals, schools, businesses and homes across the country.

The Bredbury to South Manchester underground cable replacement is a key part of this national infrastructure. These are works that need to take place today to ensure our networks remain resilient for next winter. Together with our contractors, we’re continuing to progress with the critical elements of the project in line with current government guidance on construction activity.

We’re keeping the situation under constant review and our contractors’ safe working practices and use of PPE will be assessed by us as work progresses. We’re in regular contact with government to ensure the decisions we’re making are in the best interests of our people, as well as the country as a whole.

If you’d like to find out more about how National Grid are responding to coronavirus please visit the following page: How we are responding to coronavirus.

Latest update

Over the next month we’ll be working in three areas: Heaton Norris Park/ Gordon Street; Bowerfold Open Space; and Crescent Park.

In each area, we’ll dig a trench around 1.5 metres wide and 1.5 metres deep. We’ll then install cable ducts and back fill around the duct, before we replace the ground over the trench. We’ll work in sections of 20 to 30 metres and complete each section before we reinstate the ground and move onto the next.

We plan to work between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday. There may be occasions when we need to work later, in which case we’ll work no later than 8pm.

We understand that more people are at home during this time and it’s likely you’ll notice some noise during our work. We’ll do all we can to keep disruption to a minimum, and we’ll monitor noise to ensure it stays within acceptable levels while we carry out our essential work.

We’ll liaise with Stockport Council and advertise any temporary road and footpath closures in the local press. We’ll also place advance notice and diversion signs at the closure points before we start, to help keep the community informed.

We’ll complete all the trench works by summer 2020. We’ll then pull the cable through the ducts.

Please bear with us if our work in each area takes a little longer, due to the additional operating procedures we’ve put in place to safeguard our workforce as well as the local community.

Heaton Norris Park and Gordon Street

We completed our trench work in Wyatt Street in February this year. We then started work in Heaton Norris Park, but the exceptionally wet weather meant we had to stop as we would have made too much mess.

We resumed work in Heaton Norris Park at the beginning of April. We have two teams working in this area. One team will dig a trench in a north easterly direction across the lower section of the park to join the path beside Wilkinson Road. The trench will then follow the path northwards to the corner with Love Lane.

The second team will start a trench on Gordon Street. They’ll dig west, along Gordon Street, to join the trench in Heaton Norris Park at the corner of Love Lane. We expect this will take around a month to complete. We’ll then reinstate the area where we’ve worked.

Bowerfold Open Space and Green Lane

We expect to start work in Bowerfold Open Space in mid-to-late April. This section of work will take us around a month to complete.

We’ll start work on the west side of Bowerfold Open Space, north of Green Lane/ above Locksley Close. We’ll dig our trench along the south side of Bowerfold Open Space, from west to east, towards Higher Bury Street.

We’ll need to set up a temporary storage area for our equipment while we work in Bowerfold Open Space. We’ll fence off an area near the north side entrance, off Bowerfold Lane. When we’ve finished our work in the area, we’ll remove all our equipment and fencing from the storage area.

We plan to work at the north end of Green Lane, below Locksley close, after we’ve completed our work in Bowerfold Open Space. We don’t yet have a date for this. We expect this part of the works will take us around two weeks. While we work here we’ll need to temporarily close the footpath. We’ll put posters up before we start work to advertise the footpath closure and show the diversion. We’ll also write to the neighbouring businesses to make them aware.

Crescent Park

We expect to work in the Crescent Park area from late April for around a month. We’ll start our trench at the hedge around the park, just after the last houses on the east side of Crescent Park (road).

We’ll remove a five-metre section of the hedge so we can access the park. We’ll replant this after we’ve finished our work. We’ll fence off the area where we work to keep everyone safe. The main park will remain open throughout. We expect to work in the children’s playground in mid-to-late May for around one week.

When we’ve finished, we’ll re-seed the grass where we’ve dug our trenches. You can help the grass seed ‘take’ by trying not to walk on the re-seeded areas. 

We’re working in partnership with Stockport Council’s Neighbourhoods Team to carry out play and sports improvements in Crescent Park. The play area improvements will follow our work in Crescent Park and include new swings and a ground-level trampoline. A new sports area will be created with a basketball net and an outdoor table tennis table. The Council expect to install the new equipment after we’ve completed our work in Spring 2020.

National Grid Community Grant Programme

Our Community Grant Programme is aimed at organisations and charities in areas where National Grid’s work impacts on local people through our operations and site activities.

We fund projects run by charities and community groups that meet local community needs by providing a range of social, economic and environmental benefits that are impacted by National Grid and its operations. If your project meets our criteria you can apply for a grant. To find out more click here.