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Find out how we're working to keep the electricity and gas flowing reliably throughout the outbreak.
Two National Grid workers leaning on a box to draw out plans with various frameworks structured behind them - Bolney Substation

New Essential Infrastructure

Bolney Substation Modification

South East

We are investing in new equipment for Bolney substation to make sure that it is a safe and reliable source of electricity. The substation was built over forty years ago and needs to be modified to accommodate new electricity demands.

With all our activity we try to have a minimal impact on the area around us, however if this work should impact the pond to the north west of the site, we will relocate it. Mid Sussex District Council have granted us permission to create larger pond system on land next to Twineham Farm.

We started our first stage of work in January and will continue until the beginning of 2016. This initial stage of work includes:

  • Making space for E.ON and connecting their two 400Kv transformers to the existing substation
  • Constructing a new, small pylon (17 metres high) to the north of the substation
  • Building a new storage unit closer to Bob Lane.

A second phase of work is planned to start towards the end of 2016. We will extend the north eastern side of the substation in order to account for growing electricity demands.This work will include the installation of new electrical equipment.

E.ON has been granted permission to build Rampion Windfarm off the Sussex coast. We are making the necessary changes to Bolney substation so energy created by Rampion can be connected to the national grid. Under the Electricity Act 1989 we are obliged to connect new electricity generated to the national electricity transmission system.