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Sizewell B

EDF Sizewell B Power Station: SF6 Surveys and Top-ups

EDF’s Sizewell B Nuclear power station required emergency SF6 gas works to be completed on several gas zones adjacent to Station Transformer 8. The transformer was in planned outage with the circuit due to be returned to service, but as the gas zones SF6 quality did not comply with IEC Standard 60480, the circuit was declared unacceptable and could not resume service as scheduled. If not dealt with quickly and efficiently, EDF Sizewell B were at risk of incurring high cost through significant levels of lost generation.

Once National Grid Engineering and Consultancy Solutions (ECS) were contacted regarding EDF Sizewell B’s issue, they reacted promptly to resolve the SF6 gas works. Firstly, the scope of works was agreed. ECS then set to work removing the non-compliant gas from the zones, followed by a deep clean and the introduction of Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN) to dry the zones whilst avoiding contamination. Finally, the gas zones were refilled, enabling EDF Sizewell B to resume service.  

Ned Lee (EDF Electrical Programme Manager) praised ECS:

ECS have been very supportive in reacting to our issue of having to recondition the SF6 in a number of zones adjacent to Station Transformer 8. Nile was quick to react to the issue, support our need for detail and information and then understand our requirements and start making headway into securing resources and materials.

Another member of the EDF Sizewell B team added::

The programme was put together at very short notice and delivered safely and efficiently. I look forward to working with ECS on future projects.

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