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Engineering and Consultancy Solutions (ECS)

National Grid has a long history of supporting businesses in the energy sector with engineering solutions. On this page, you’ll find out about the solutions available to you and how we can help manage, maintain and develop your assets and business.

ECS: how we can help you 

National Grid ECS offers a range of engineering solutions to support your business. As specialists in engineering for the energy sector and industrial sites, we have the experience and training to help you increase your asset availability and prolong your assets’ life. 

We can also customise our solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.


Our range of solutions

We provide a broad range of services: 

For more information on our solutions we offer, please select from one of our areas of expertise below.

Asset Maintenance

Find out about the different ways we can support the maintenance of your assets for your business

A picture of 2 National Grid engineers

Consultancy and Policy Support

We offer a range of consultancy solutions including asset health, harmonics, EMFs, natural hazards and noise impact.

Replacement and New Build

Build, Refurbish, Replace, Decommission

Learn how we can help you build, refurbish, replace or decommission your business assets.

24 Hour Emergency Call-out

Incident Response

Find out how we can support you with incident response.

Operational Control- Control Person Operation (CPO) and Alarm Monitoring Services 

Operational Control

We can support your business with operational control through our Transmission Network Control Centre (TNCC) 24/7, 365 days a year.

Spares and Storage

Additional solutions

Learn about the range of additional solutions we’re able to offer to support your business.


RISSP awareness training

Read details of our Record of Inter System Safety Precautions (RISSP) training course including fees and how to book