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We are changing

The energy industry and the needs of our customers are evolving. This short animation will give you an overview of the energy industry’s transformation and how we’re changing to meet the needs of our customers.

Why we are changing

by David Wright, Director of Electricity Transmission

The world of energy is changing at pace. Fresh thinking and innovation are affecting how energy is generated, stored, transported and consumed. Yet it remains critical to the quality of our lives.

At the same time, we’ve been listening to our stakeholders and customers who are telling us that their needs are evolving – and that we need to change to meet those needs.

We’ll still remain completely focused on delivering energy safely and reliably to those who need it. That’s one thing we won’t change. We never compromise safety or reliability.

What we are changing

We’re changing the way our business is organised; setting up our teams around the specific needs of our customers and stakeholders – and making sure those needs lie at the heart of our decision-making.

The changes we’re making involve restructuring our teams, so we can be more cost efficient and agile. And we’re constantly striving for ways to provide an industry-leading service – one that continues to innovate for the future, while maintaining the lowest cost to bill payers today.

Although we only represent around £25 of the average annual household electricity bill, we’re committed to always looking for ways to operate more efficiently.

Separating the Electricity System Operator (ESO) from Electricity Transmission (ET)

The ESO and ET will start operating as separate legal companies within the National Grid Group from April 2019.

To make sure we get the legal separation right, we'll be commencing separation activities across the ESO and ET from autumn 2018. This means you’ll start to see the ESO and ET acting as separate entities ahead of the April 2019 go-live date.

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Your energy future

The ‘Your energy future’ website is one of the tools we’re using to involve you as we develop our business plans.

As the energy system evolves so do the needs of our customers and stakeholders. Here, you can find details of the topics you’ve told us matter most to you, as well as how to get involved.

Working together, we will create and develop our RIIO 2 plans to make sure they deliver what you need from us.

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