Our RIIO-2 business plan

Ofgem announced its final determinations of our Electricity Transmission business plan for the RIIO-2 regulatory period covering 2021 to 2026. Ofgem’s regulatory framework is known as RIIO (Revenue = Incentives + Innovation + Outputs). The RIIO model offers network companies incentives for innovation and securing investment, so they can develop sustainable energy networks at the lowest cost for current and future customers.

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Final determinations

Ofgem published their final determinations on Tuesday 8 December 2020. We will be studying Ofgem's final determinations package very carefully - it covers a broad range of issues for our business.

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Our RIIO-2 business plan (2021-2026)

We developed our business plan against a background of rapid change in the energy industry.

Our business plan

RIIO-2 Statutory Licence Consultation

We responded to Ofgem’s RIIO-2 Statutory Licence Consultation. This response was on behalf of National Grid Electricity Transmission plc (NGET) and National Grid Gas plc (NGGT). You can read the following response documentation:

Executive Summary

Download the following Annexes

  • Annex Chapter 1-9 of the Special Conditions
  • Annex Special Conditions being removed
  • Annex Standard and Special Conditions being modified
  • Annex PCFH
  • Annex PCFM.

Non-Operational IT Capex reopener

NGET’s redacted submission to the April 2021 Non-Operational IT Capex re-opener. This includes the main submission documents and supporting Annexes. 

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National Grid Electricity Transmission Independent User Group

We are the Independent User Group responsible for scrutinising National Grid’s RIIO 2 business plan and challenging how they engage with stakeholders. As the Independent User Group, we represent a cross-section of the energy industry and beyond, bringing our individual expertise and experience across a broad range of energy issues.

National Grid Electricity Transmission Independent User Group