Working near our assets

On this page, you'll find guidance and support for working near our electricity and gas transmission assets, including overhead lines, underground cables, and gas pipelines. You can read more about working near our electricity and gas assets in the 'Digging safely' pages of the Cadent website.  Cadent's Plant Protection team are the first line support for our assets.

Electricity assets

If you are proposing, scheduling, or designing developments close to National Grid electricity transmission assets, you can find out more about the basic safety and location of our assets by downloading our guidance document for working near electricity equipment.

Download the document

Our electricity assets include overhead lines, pylons, underground cables, and transmission substations. 

For electrical assets, National Grid does not authorise or agree safe systems of work with developers and contractors. However, we will advise on issues such as electrical safety clearances and the location of towers and cables. We also work with developers to minimise the impact of any National Grid assets that are nearby.

Gas assets

If you're planning or undertaking work near high-pressure gas pipelines or associated installations you will need to take appropriate measures to prevent damage. Damage to pipelines, including pipeline coating, can lead to dangerous consequences. So, it's essential to follow the procedures outlined in our guidance document for working near gas equipment.

Download the document

It is your responsibility to make sure that any work carried out meets the requirements of all other relevant health and safety legislation. If we believe that your work doesn't meet requirements, we will suspend the work until it does.  

Further guidance and documents

Gas emergencies

If you smell gas or have accidentally hit the NTS pipeline please call us urgently:

0800 111 999