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Young girl remote schooling in study with mother - used for National Grid story COVID-19 effect on electricity use

4 ways lockdown life affected UK electricity use

COVID-19 has transformed many aspects of our lives, from where we work to how we rest and play. As restrictions ease, we look back at ways our electricity use changed through the pandemic, how it continues to evolve and what this tells us about the last few months.

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Child playing with toy cars

Joining the Race to Zero

On World Environment Day we joined the global Race to Zero campaign, which is encouraging a clean global plan to help us ‘recover better’ from COVID-19.

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Packing food

Helping to fight hunger with Feeding America

This Hunger Action Month, we're giving $100,000 to Feeding America to help replenish food banks in the communities we work in across three states. This adds to over $2,000,000 of charitable donations that we’ve made in the US since the pandemic began.

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National Grid's Smart Meter Business Lead Laura Rainey charging EV for Green Collar Jobs story

Green collar jobs: Laura Rainey – making smart meters matter

Laura Rainey, Smart Meter Business Lead, explains how she ended up in a career in the energy industry, why her role is a green collar job and her delight that leading an eco-friendlier life is becoming the norm.

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Photo of Dave Adkins, National Grid's ConnectNow Product Manager

Future Thinking: How digital is helping to decarbonise the energy system

Combatting climate change is the biggest challenge facing us today. Taking on this task requires innovative thinking and diverse skills. Here Dave Adkins talks about how digital technology is helping us bring more clean energy sources onto the UK network.

ventures :
National Grid Ventures' Viking Link construction site in Lincolnshire using hydrogen cells for heat and power

World’s first hydrogen heated construction site

Helping to demonstrate how hydrogen can be the heating fuel of the future, our Viking Link project in Lincolnshire has become the first construction site in the world to use hydrogen cells for all its heat and power.

eso :

Future Thinking: How AI is paving the way to net zero

A fear of the devastating potential of climate change inspired Jack Kelly to join National Grid ESO, to help speed up the journey to net zero. Here he shares how he’s using his expertise in machine learning and AI to unlock a cleaner energy future.

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US Lineworker Donald Lopes in front of National Grid bucket truck

Life as a lineworker – our high wire heroes

No matter if temperatures are dipping below freezing or its broiling hot outside, Donald Lopes and his fellow lineworkers arrive at their base at 7am sharp; ready to service the poles to ensure electricity keeps flowing to local homes and businesses.

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Gideon Banner standing on a log across a river used for National Grid's green collar jobs story

Green collar jobs: Gideon Banner – acting to improve the environment

New York-based Gideon Banner’s role within Property Services is all about finding ways we can be more eco-friendly across our sites in the US. Read on for more about his green collar job and how he switched careers to this, his second act.

Energy explained

Ever wondered what net zero means? Want to know how windfarms make energy? Or how electricity and gas gets to you? Here we answer all your energy questions.

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