Government plans, commitments & targets

Headlines from the Transport Decarbonisation Plan (published by Department for Transport on 14 July 2021):

  • The Aviation sector is responsible for 1.2% of UK transport emissions.

  • The Jet Zero Strategy Consultation lays out a plan for net zero aviation emissions by 2050 and a target of 2040 for domestic aviation with plans to invest £3 million to understand the needs for net zero infrastructure at UK Airports.

  • The UK Government will work with industry stakeholders to reduce the impact of aviation on the environment through operational efficiencies, market-based measure, a combination of new aerospace technology such as electric and hydrogen aircraft and the development, commercialisation and regularisation of sustainable aviation fuels.

Our next steps

Engaging with industry experts and stakeholders

Moving forward, we will be reaching to key industry experts and stakeholders from the aviation sector, to explore the opportunities, barriers and infrastructure requirements for transport hubs / shared charging solutions, in order to reduce the cost of connecting to the grid network, minimising works and encourage sharing of infrastructure assets. The outputs of this work will feed into our existing engagement work from other transport sectors, with an attempt to influence policy through recommendations to Department for Transport (DfT).

As an example, to achieve net-zero by 2050, all modes of transport must decarbonise. Grab a coffee and take a moment or two to familiarise yourself with some of responses to Government consultations for the aviation sector.

  • Sept 2021: Jet Zero – Consultation Response
    Download here
  • Nov 2021: Future of transport regulatory review, future of flight – Consultation Response
    Download here
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