The Power of All

Together we can reach net zero.

People care about the planet, but the battle against climate change and the effects of global warming can seem an enormous challenge. There’s always that doubting voice whispering, “how is this possible?” and “can I really make a difference?”

What is the Power of All?

History teaches us that when people come together and work towards a shared goal, what was once thought impossible can suddenly become reality. From landing on the moon to the creation of vaccines to tackle disease, the power of working together and the benefits it brings is something we can all believe in. While there is undoubtedly still lots to do, tackling climate change is possible.

And we’ve already started. In the last seven years we have decarbonised Great Britain’s electricity system by 66%, connecting people to more green and sustainable energy sources. In fact, 2020 broke all records for renewable energy generation and we’re already breaking more in 2021.

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National Grid connects all our efforts to tackle climate change. It’s what makes us different. We sit at the heart of a clean energy future and continue to innovate to get us there faster. We’re working on some of the biggest energy challenges and we bring people together as we do so. We do this because we know that every voice matters. We call this the Power of All.

Throughout 2021, in the run-up to November’s COP26 climate summit, we launched a range of exciting initiatives that bring this concept to life; helping people to learn more about the clean energy transition and how they can get involved. That journey begins with the Green Light Signal.

What is the Green Light Signal?

We’ve created an easy-to-understand signal that tells you when the electricity in your home is coming from clean and green energy.

Our new low-carbon venture

Get the 'WhenToPlugIn' mobile app

Our new app tells you the best times of day to ‘plug in’, so you can make smarter energy choices at home; saving those energy intensive tasks for when they’ll have the least impact on the planet.

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Get the National Grid digital voice assistant skill

Our smart skill for your favourite digital voice assistant tells you the best times of day to ‘plug in’, and provides live updates about your local electricity mix so you can make smarter energy choices at home.

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Voices for a Green Future: the winners

Out of hundreds of entries submitted by children from over 300 schools across the country, we’ve now selected the four winners of our Voices for a Green Future competition.

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Voice of All - Kids planting a tree

The Voice of All

Every voice matters in the fight against climate change. The Voice of All gave people an opportunity to have their voice heard by the decision-makers at COP26.

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