Please see below an indicative timeline of key milestones for the project. Please note these are subject to change.

Late Summer / Autumn 2021

Non-statutory consultation on preferred route corridors

Early 2022

Second non-statutory consultation on potential route corridors

Spring / Summer 2022

Statutory consultation on detailed project route proposals

Late 2022

DCO application submission

2023/early 2024

DCO examination and determination process


Construction phase begins


Earliest construction completion date

Feedback and the application process

Due to its scale, the project is classified as a nationally significant infrastructure project (NSIP) under the Planning Act 2008 and the application will be determined by the Government.

Late next year we intend to submit our proposals to the Planning Inspectorate, the Government body responsible for handling NSIP applications. The Planning Inspectorate will carry out an examination of the proposals and make a recommendation to the Secretary of State who will make the final decision.

Local councils, stakeholders and residents have an important role to play through this process. All written comments we receive will be considered and reported as part of the application process.  

Please note, comments may be made public and the personal details of respondents may be made available to the Planning Inspectorate and other third parties

You can find out more about the process at www.infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk.