This consultation is an important opportunity for local residents, stakeholders and others to give their views on our updated proposals for the Humber Low Carbon Pipelines project.

There are several ways you can provide feedback, which are outlined below.

This round of consultation will run from 31 October to 5 December 2022.

Please ensure you submit your feedback by 08:59 on 5 December 2022. Please note this has been extended.

Our consultation is open to everyone. All comments will be recorded and considered and changes will be made to the proposals where appropriate. Feedback will be assessed alongside further environmental and technical considerations.

This process will be reported in the Consultation Report which will be submitted as part of the planning application.

What are we consulting on?

On 31 October 2022, we launched our second phase of consultation. As part of this statutory consultation, we have published plans, visualisations, technical documents and other materials on the proposals, including a Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) detailing the potential impacts on the environment.

We are inviting people to comment on the proposed route alignment as well as:

Have your say

To find out more about our proposals, you can view the consultation brochure here.  Hard copies of consultation materials are also available at various reference locations. You can find the full list of locations here.

Feedback can be provided using the online feedback form here, by email or Freepost using the details below.

Alternatively, come to one of our Public Exhibitions to speak with our team, review the consultation information and provide your feedback via our hard-copy feedback form. More information about our Public Exhibitions can be found here.

Contact us

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0800 860 6255