Terms and conditions

National Grid operates a Shareholder Networking programme, the aim of which is to allow shareholders to gain a better understanding of the Company.


The programme shall normally run once a year. The Company may at its discretion determine whether more or fewer events shall be held. The Company may also, at its sole discretion, cancel an event or future programmes. If an event is cancelled, those that were due to attend shall be informed and, where possible, another event organised. Where an event or programme is cancelled, participants will be compensated for reasonable travel expenses incurred to that date in relation to the event.


Shareholders on the Register and those who hold through a nominee (‘indirect shareholders’) shall be entitled to participate in the programme provided that:

  • Their home address is in the United Kingdom
  • They are shareholders (or indirect shareholders) at the time of the event (and can provide evidence of their shareholding / statement if requested). Substitutions cannot be made 
  • By completing the application form shareholders consent to these Terms and Conditions


Shareholders who wish to take part in the programme should complete an application form.


Numbers for each event shall be limited. In the event of oversubscription, selection for the programme shall be by ballot. Priority shall be given to those who have not recently attended an event.

Health and safety

Due to the nature of the operational sites visited, it may not be possible for disabled shareholders elected under the ballot to participate fully in the programme. However such shareholders will be included in the next event where access is, at the opinion of the Organiser, possible.

Shareholders attending events will be provided by National Grid with any overalls, hats or other safety protective equipment / clothing recommended as appropriate for the site visited.

Any ill health or disability of a shareholder either before the event or at the event should be brought to the attention of the Organiser. First aiders shall attend the programme.

Any particular health and safety requirements shall be covered at the event itself.


The costs of the programme, including reasonable shareholder travel expenses to and from the event, shall be paid by National Grid.

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