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National Grid is an energy company operating in the UK and US. We deliver electricity and gas safely, reliably and efficiently to the customers and communities we serve – all while working towards a clean energy future.

About National Grid

Repositioning National Grid’s portfolio

Our vision is for National Grid to be at the heart of a clean, fair and affordable energy future. That’s why we are announcing three strategic transactions to transform National Grid’s positioning and give us an even greater role to play in the journey to net zero

Our three strategic transactions

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'4 things about National Grid’s role in our renewable energy future' story

4 things about National Grid’s role in our renewable energy future

In the run-up to the eagerly anticipated global climate change summit COP26, UK Executive Director Nicola Shaw and US President Badar Khan explain what we’re doing to tackle climate change now and in the future.

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National Grid article 'The future of transport: driving change in the next 10 years'

The future of transport: driving change in the next 10 years

This next decade transport will be revolutionised with radical new inventions powered by renewable energy, in response to the twin concerns of pollution and congestion.

The hydrogen colour spectrum

From green to pink hydrogen, we reveal the rainbow of hydrogen colours and the different types of technology used to produce each.

Hydrogen molecule atom abstract structure for National Grid FutureGrid story

Hydrogen: the future fuel to achieve net zero?

Hydrogen has the potential to be a low-carbon alternative to gas in our homes and businesses, but first we need to test this fuel for the future. That’s where FutureGrid comes in.

Find out more about FutureGrid

Why invest in National Grid?

National Grid is one of the world’s largest publicly listed utilities focused on transmission and distribution of electricity and gas. We play a vital role in connecting millions of people to the energy they use safely, reliably and efficiently.

We aim to be a low-risk business that generates shareholder value through dividends and asset/equity growth.

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Careers at National Grid

We’re looking for people with enthusiasm to help us build and run a cleaner energy system for the future. Wherever you are on your career journey there are lots of exciting opportunities to explore, including apprenticeships. Discover more about working at National Grid and search for roles in the UK and the US

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Responding to COVID-19

Find how our business and our people responded to coronavirus and how we’re planning to play our part in revitalising and rebuilding the communities we serve after the pandemic.

Our response to COVID-19

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National Grid partners with UWE to protect UK's bat population article

National Grid partners with UWE to protect the UK’s bat population

We have partnered with the University of the West of England on a unique PhD research project on how to mitigate construction impact on bat populations. The findings will be applied on future construction projects and used by UK planning authorities.

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For National Grid Green Collar Jobs story

Green collar jobs: Louise Clark – championing our role at COP26

Our Senior Policy Manager for COP26 Louise Clark – National Grid is a Principal Partner of this year's global climate change summit – tells us about how she ended up in the energy sector, her regal eco hero and why we’re at a climate change crossroads.

National Grid article '6 fascinating facts about biogas'

6 fascinating facts about biogas

We uncover the fascinating history behind biogas and humans’ multiple inventive uses of this naturally occurring gas. Plus, we bring you some surprising statistics, including just how many homes could be heated with Christmas food waste.

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National Grid Project Union hydrogen backbone story

Making plans for a hydrogen ‘backbone’ across Britain

As Britain works toward reaching net zero by 2050, hydrogen is one solution to decarbonising our gas system. Project Union is National Grid’s development of a hydrogen ‘backbone’ to link industrial clusters around the country.