A field landscape with electricity pylons and overhead cabling and a bright sun setting in a blue sky

Environmental sustainability

We are passionate about operating our business in an environmentally responsible way and making sure sustainability shapes our thinking and decision-making.

Sustainability is helping us find a better way to do business; saving money, reducing environmental impact and building strong relationships with our local communities and stakeholders.

Our environmental sustainability framework is called Our Contribution. Within it, we have identified three themes that we feel are most significant for our business and where we can make the biggest contribution to society and deliver business benefits.

These themes are: our climate commitment; responsible resource use; and, caring for our natural environment. By reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, finding better ways of conserving resources and protecting natural habitats and green spaces across the UK and US, we are finding better ways to do business. We know that sustainable business is good business and we invite you to read more about our main themes and targets.

A landscape of grass and soil under a blue and sunny sky with electricity pylons and cabling overhead

Delivering Our Environmental Future

‘Delivering our Environmental Future’ sets out National Grid’s framework for delivering the transition to a low-carbon energy system.

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Our contribution

National Grid’s ‘Our Contribution’ report sets out our priorities for acting sustainably and creates a framework for embedding sustainability across our organisation.

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Case studies


You can find more details about how we are doing in the performance – environmental sustainability section.

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