Celebrating inclusion and diversity at National Grid

Our ambition is to operate and develop our business in a way that results in a more inclusive culture. We are committed to building a workforce that represents the communities we serve – creating an environment where each individual feels respected, fairly treated, valued and able to reach their full potential.


Everyone contributes to realise our ambition and it’s the sheer dedication of our people that gives us the energy to deliver. So, we look for talent and innovation, expect high performance and believe in opportunities for enthusiastic people who share our ambition, values and mind-set.

Remarkable volume 2 – showcasing the remarkable talent in our organisation

White cover of National Grid's 'Remarkable' publication with colourful blocks in the bottom right corner


Having strong role models around the business is important and sharing real-life stories can help us see possibilities as well as potential career paths that we may not have previously considered.

Following last year’s publication of the first edition of Remarkable, this year we have worked with all our Employee Resource Groups to create a second volume – this time shining a spotlight on the full diversity of talent across National Grid.

These role models are real people, telling open and honest real stories that we can all relate to. So, we hope you will enjoy the book and encourage you to share it.



Remarkable volume 1 – a celebration of women in National Grid

You may also want to take a look at the first volume of Remarkable, which was published in the Summer of 2016.

Our first book was created by our UK women’s network, Women in National Grid (WiNG), to celebrate gender diversity and encourage more women into engineering and energy careers. In particular, helping to show that personal circumstance is not a barrier to a successful and rewarding career.

National Grid careers

We're a large business serving millions of people, operating in a fast-changing industry, with a huge range of activities and a burning ambition to be a true global leader. This all creates exciting new challenges for those who join one of our industry-leading development programmes.

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