Responsibility and sustainability

Find out about our activities, the three key areas that we really care about and how they are at the heart of everything we do. Discover how the company is performing against our sustainability targets and our main ambitions for the future as a responsible business.

Supporting economic growth and sustainability

Every day, we make sure the lights are on and the gas is flowing, safely and securely. We connect people to the energy they need for the lives they live, helping communities thrive and economies grow.

For us, being a responsible business means being a good citizen and being involved in social progress. We want to see our communities thrive by being economically, socially and environmentally strong. We consider communities in all our operations, so we can fully understand their needs, keep them safe and make sure they are fairly represented in our decisions and actions.

To help guide you through what we do, we have grouped our activities into the communities we serve, people and our commitment to environmental sustainability. In the ‘our progress’ section, we describe our non-financial performance and how we are helping address some of the main social and environmental challenges we face as a society.


Learn about the great work we do to help communities thrive and grow

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Find out how we support our workforce and help people reach their potential

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Environmental sustainability

What we are doing to reduce our environmental impact

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Our progress

View our non-financial performance information

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Organisations we work with

Learn about the partners we work with to help achieve our sustainability ambitions

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    Highlights 2017/18 

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    About us

    Find out what shapes and directs our activities, how the organisation is structured, and corporate governance information.

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    Our people

    Our employees are the lifeblood of our business. Discover how they bring energy to life.

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    Engineering and innovation

    Our organisation is built on a foundation of engineering excellence and continuous innovation.

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