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Dean Seavers

Executive Director, US

Appointed to the Board: 1 April 2015 

Career and skills: Dean began his career at the Ford Motor Company, moving to Tyco International Ltd where he held various senior management positions before joining General Electric Company/United Technologies Corporation. He was President and Chief Executive Officer of General Electric Security and then President, Global Services of United Technologies Fire & Security. Dean was also a member of the Board of Directors of the National Fire Protection Association and most recently he has been a lead network member at City Light Capital and President and Chief Executive of Red Hawk Fire & Security, LLC and currently holds an external appointment as a Board member of Red Hawk Fire & Security, LLC. Dean brings to the Board a wide range of financial and customer experience along with significant general management experience with a particular focus on change and performance improvement programmes.

Skills and experience:

City*, Customer, Finance, General Management, International

*Understanding the concerns of the investment community and listed company matters.