A workspace revolution

With an increasingly connected and mobile workforce, we needed to rethink how we use our office spaces. Step forward Smart Workspace – a programme that is transforming not just where we work, but how we work, as Workplace Solutions Manager Lisa Elliott explains. 

Innovation takes many forms. Sometimes it goes beyond harnessing the latest technologies. Smart Workspace started off with a simple question ... how can we work smarter and collaborate better? Seven years on we’re seeing the results. We’ve made significant savings in operational costs, we use 16% less energy and we have provided a more productive working environment for our colleagues.

The improvements we’ve made have introduced flexible meeting spaces, fewer formal offices and more open collaboration areas. But they can also make a difference to energy customers. Working as efficiently as possible means we can deliver the best value to customers. 

Going mobile 

Back in 2010 we faced a big challenge. The way our people worked was changing. They were more mobile and needed new ways to collaborate. We also knew that many of our offices were underutilised. Something had to change. 

We researched the problem, speaking to our teams at every level. Our people came up with lots of ideas and suggestions about how they could work together better and how to transform the design of their area. Teams created a set of shared rules to influence how their workspace should be used. In total, 7,000 employees are benefiting from the changes. 

We have increased the use of our buildings and we also use our offices in a far more innovative way. There’s no magic trick, it’s simply that by reducing wasted space we can now accommodate more people in a more productive environment. 

An eye on the future 

The world of energy is changing quickly. This means we need be ready to adapt too. Smart Workspace makes us fitter for the future with office space that is truly flexible. And our people are comfortable working flexibly too. When we asked them, 86% of our employees said they preferred the new way of working. 

We’re also sharing what we’ve learned with other organisations. Over 30 companies, including Sky and Rolls-Royce, are using our approach as the starting point for their own work.

Published: June 2017