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Offshore first for the USA

The first offshore wind farm to be built in the United States stated to deliver clean power at the end of 2016. We've helped make it possible by constructing the undersea cable that connects this ground-breaking project to the grid.

Off the coast of Rhode Island a massive engineering challenge hit completion in November 2016. It's a landmark project – connecting the first offshore wind farm anywhere in the United States to a power network.

Deepwater Wind's Block Island Wind Farm produces 30MW of electricity, enough to power 17,000 homes. It fully meets the 4MW energy needs of Block Island and the remaining power is fed into the mainland electricity grid.

A key piece in the jigsaw is the 20-mile cable that connects Block Island to the mainland electricity grid. It was our job to make this connection a reality and to enable the wind output to reach our customers.

We also constructed two substations and ran several miles of cable underground on the mainland.

Transforming energy

We call the project sea2shore. It's located right at the heart of the communities we serve. And this 'green transmission' project is helping unlock the potential of offshore wind power as a new source of energy. It's part of our commitment to bring clean, renewable energy to our customers. But one of the biggest challenges is connecting customers to energy sources that are often found in remote locations.

Delivering clean power

The custom-made submarine cable arrived in the US in April 2016. Built in South Korea, it spent nearly two months travelling by barge across the ocean. A cable-laying vessel then buried the cable beneath the sea floor.

Towards a greener future

We're proud that sea2shore is leading the way towards a greener future. Our Rhode Island customers are the first to receive energy generated by the first offshore wind farm in the entire United Stated.

It's also good news for Block Island, which previously relied on diesel generators for power. Residents now have a sustainable connection to a power network. Fibres within the cable have also given them access to high-speed internet services for the first time.

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Published: June 2017