New gas for New Yorkers

We’re helping to make New York’s air cleaner, while connecting more people to the benefits of gas. It’s all part of the Brooklyn Queens Interconnect (BQI) project to extend our gas network in the ‘Big Apple’. 

Thousands more families and businesses across Queens and Brooklyn in New York are benefiting from cheaper and greener energy. 

It’s all down to a large extension of our gas pipe network, which brings over half a billion cubic feet of new gas into the city every day.

Called the Brooklyn Queens Interconnect (BQI), it feeds extra gas into the city through 3.2 miles of new transmission and distribution pipes. It also supports a city-wide plan to cut emissions from oil heating, by converting more people to cleaner, natural gas.

The work was completed in 2015 and, since then, around 9,000 customers have switched to gas. Each of them has reduced their sulphur (SO2) emissions by 99.9% and carbon (CO2) by 38% as a result.

A plan for everyone

Laying so much new pipe in an urban setting brought many challenges. For example, our project partner, pipeline experts Williams Transco, had to install the pipe beneath a national park and National Grid had to install pipe across an ocean inlet and local highways to reach the required boroughs. Local people were worried about having high-pressure gas pipes near busy areas. A project of this scale also needed the government’s approval through an Act of the US Congress. 

We met these challenges head-on by doing a huge amount of work with Williams Transco. Together, we held lots of meetings with local politicians, businesses and the community. We used their feedback to build a plan that worked for everyone. 

Digging deep

During 12 months of work, we kept disruption to a minimum by using the latest horizontal drilling methods. This allowed us to dig two 1.25 mile trenches for the pipes underground without damaging the surrounding beach or parkland. 

Williams Transco installed the new metering station inside two abandoned plane hangars. They were fully refurbished so that visitors to the park can now see these historic buildings restored to their former glory.

The Park Authority also has extra money to spend due to a lease agreement with Williams Transco. The money is helping to improve visitor services and protect the parkland for the future.

"The project is a major success, not only for National Grid, but for the entire region,” said John Stavrakas, Vice President for Gas Asset Management. “It’s a vital piece of energy infrastructure that will meet the needs of New Yorkers for years to come."

Published: June 2017