Healing hands

By putting health experts right where they’re needed – onsite on the front line – we’re helping our field operations teams stay fit and injury free. And less pain means more gain for our people, business and customers, as Wellbeing Program Manager Tracy Forde explains.

As many as 70% of our people here in the US are based out in the field. Whether they’re working on overhead lines or using heavy equipment and tools underground, it’s strenuous and demanding work. 

This can put them at risk of soft tissue injuries, such as those affecting muscles, tendons and ligaments. This type of injury is one of the most common – and most preventable. So we’ve been investing in new ways to keep our teams fit and injury free.

We’ve already provided training videos that showed people how to take care of their bodies – as well as a pre-work stretch and flex regime – but we felt we could do more. So we developed the Onsite Athletic Trainer program. It began in New England and has proved so successful that we’ve expanded it to include more pilot sites in Long Island and upstate New York. 

On-the-spot advice 

As the name suggests, it involves professional athletic trainers working directly with our people onsite during their working day. 

These trainers spend most of their time out in the field observing jobs as they’re happening and talking to workers about where they’re feeling the stresses and strains in their bodies. They provide on-the-spot advice and coach them in ways to work more comfortably. 

If our people need any one-to-one treatment, the trainers can provide basic support; such as stretching, physical conditioning and applying ice or heat. It’s all about being proactive and taking early action, so minor issues don’t become serious. 

Benefits all round 

Onsite Athletic Trainer is a win-win-win. Our workforce wins from improved physical and mental wellbeing. They learn safer and more comfortable ways of doing their jobs, which helps maintain their health and quality of life at work and home. 

The business wins from having a healthier workforce in terms of morale, productivity and reduced medical costs. And our customers win – because by keeping our people fit and well, they’re always ready to fulfil the essential roles our customers depend on. 

Feeling well, performing well 

We’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our teams. Workers tell us they appreciate the one-on-one attention and the efforts we’re taking to reduce their discomfort. 

As a responsible and caring business, investing in the wellbeing of our workforce is the right thing to do. It creates a positive and supportive culture, where people feel genuinely valued. We become a stronger business that is fit for the future.

Published: June 2017