Connecting for a smarter future

Interconnectors are making energy more secure, affordable and sustainable for consumers across Great Britain and Europe

Our interconnectors deliver secure and affordable electricity and will play a critical role in tomorrow’s cleaner and smarter energy systems. We sell capacity products to energy traders and provide services for transmission system operators in the UK and mainland Europe. We currently have three interconnectors in operation and three under construction. We expect to have more than six gigawatts of interconnector capacity in operation by 2021.

In operation

  • BritNed – an independent joint venture with TenneT, connecting the UK and the Netherlands since 2011.
  • IFA – our first link between the UK and France, operated together with RTE since 1986.
  • NEMO Link – a joint venture with Elia connecting the UK and Belgium. In operation since January 2019.
  • Under construction
  • IFA2 – our second link to France, developed with RTE, expected to be operational in 2020.
  • North Sea Link – developed with Statnett, North Sea Link will connect the UK and Norway. It will be the world’s longest subsea interconnector when operational in 2021.
  • Viking Link – we’re developing a link between the UK and Denmark together with Energinet. It’s due to be operational in 2023.

In development

  • EuroLink – Proposed link connecting the UK and the Netherlands
  • IceLink – Proposed link connecting the UK and Iceland
  • Nautilus Link – Proposed second link connecting the UK and Belgium