Connecting for a smarter future

Interconnectors are making energy more secure, affordable and sustainable for consumers across Great Britain and Europe.

£11 billion for consumers

Great Britain currently has 3 gigawatts (GW) of interconnector capacity to continental Europe.

Since 2014, over £3 billion has been invested in 4.4 GW of new interconnector capacity, which will more than double the existing capacity between GB and continental Europe by the early 2020s.

4.4 GW of capacity provides access to enough electricity to power 11 million homes, contributing to security of supply.

There is potential to increase the benefits to consumers through a further 9.5 GW of interconnectors, which will help deliver a smarter, more flexible future energy system.

The 9.5 GW pipeline is worth at least £11 billion to GB consumers.

We’re now working together with governments, regulators and industry partners to ensure consumers are able to benefit from the full potential of interconnectors.