A woman and child reading in a tent with a garden scene in the background

Our purpose

We believe it’s crucial to have a clear sense of what we stand for as a company and what it is that binds us all together. This is what we call our purpose.


In simple terms it’s what inspires us to serve our customers as well as we can, and it’s what makes us proud about the work we do.

Our purpose is to Bring Energy to Life.

In its simplest form ‘Bring Energy to Life’ means getting the heat, light and power that customers rely on to their homes and businesses. But ‘Life’ also means supporting the communities that we are a part of and live amongst to support the economic growth and sustainability of wider society.

Case studies

The following case studies show how we work in accordance with our purpose and with a clear focus on our vision, strategic priorities and values.

Customers and communities

Creating the future of energy

Energising people

Enhancing the environment

National Grid worker removing equipment from a truck

Our values

Learn about our values and how they guide what we do.

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