Corporate political engagement

National Grid is committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate political engagement worldwide.

We do this by assessing and making our policies, procedures and practice visible, with reference to Transparency International Guidance

Our commitment is underscored by the development of this webpage, which will enable everyone to see in one place how we live up to our aspirations. Further details across the four key Transparency International areas of focus [Control environment, Political contributions, Responsible lobbying and Revolving Door] are included below.

More information:

  • Transparency International (Global)  website
  • Transparency International (UK) website


If you have any questions about our corporate political engagement, please send us an email

Control environment

We recognise that the control environment sets the tone for a company. This includes the integrity, ethical values and competence of employees, the philosophy and leadership style of management, the assignment of authority and responsibility for global political activities.

We have clear guiding principles underpinning our political activities, an integrated management approach and Board accountability and oversight. We can demonstrate that we manage activities on a group wide basis and have management approval, monitoring and compliance processes in place to underpin this.

In this section we include:

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Political contributions

National Grid has a clear policy of prohibiting political contributions; including by another entity on our behalf. The full policy is attached below.

Responsible lobbying
Revolving door