National Grid is proposing to replace three existing underground cable routes between Pitsmoor, Wincobank and Templeborough substations in Sheffield.

The cable routes use 275kV oil filled cables which are approaching the end of their lifecycle. When the cables are replaced, the current three underground cable routes will be replaced by two underground cable routes.

Over the next two years, we will be completing this essential work to ensure that National Grid continues to provide a secure and reliable electricity supply to homes and businesses in Sheffield and the surrounding area.

Project description

The three cable routes that will be disconnected and decommissioned are:

  1. Pitsmoor substation to Wincobank substation
  2. Wincobank substation to Templeborough substation
  3. Pitsmoor substation to Templeborough substation

To replace the three cable routes above, two new cable routes will be installed:

  1. Templeborough substation to Wincobank substation
  2. Wincobank substation to Pitsmoor substation

The map below shows the new planned cable routes in red.

How will these works affect me?

The cable replacement work will have no impact on power supplies in the area.

We aim to complete our works with minimal disruption to local communities.

Due to the nature of these works and the route that the cables need to take along both residential roads and key transport corridors, some disruption to the public is unavoidable. We will, however, be doing everything possible to minimise this disruption.

Advance notice of planned work will be provided via road signage and communications sent out to residential and business properties in the affected locations. This will allow people to plan their journeys in advance. Traffic management systems will be in place to manage traffic flows around any lane closures and to put in place diversions if necessary.

Noise, vibration and dust will be closely monitored throughout the construction period to ensure that these are kept to a minimum.


We are at a very early stage in the development of the project. Anticipated timescales are set out below:

  • Construction contract award: September 2023
  • Construction start for the Pitsmoor to Wincobank route: May 2024
  • Construction start for the Templeborough to Wincobank route: September 2025
  • Anticipated completion: 2027

Community Grant Programme

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