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Share your feedback

Thank you for taking the time to review our proposals for SEGL. Please share your feedback with us by completing the below form, or alternatively you can contact our team.

Data privacy notice

Privacy Notice – SEGL Consultation 

National Grid is committed to protecting your personal information. Whenever you provide such information, we are legally obliged to use it in line with all applicable laws concerning the protection of personal data, including the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

How will National Grid use the information we collect about you? 

We will use your personal data collected via this consultation for a number of purposes, including: 

  • to analyse your feedback to the consultation; 
  • to produce a Consultation Report (or similar document), based on our analysis of responses. This will be a publicly available document, however if you’re submitting feedback as a private individual, your comments will be anonymised. 
  • To write to you with updates about the results of the consultation and other developments;   and
  • to keep up-to-date records of our communications with individuals and organisations.

Any personal information you include in this form will be handled and used by (or made available to) the following recipients to record, analyse and report on the feedback we receive: 

  • National Grid companies
  • The Relevant Local Planning Authority (which will consider our application for consent to build the SEGL2 Project – any details published as part of this process will be anonymised);  
  • Other third party organisations working on the SEGL Project. This could include third party suppliers, project partners, contractors or advisers who provide services to us

What rights do I have over my personal data?

Under the terms of the UK GDPR you have certain rights over how your personal data is retained and used by National Grid. For more information, see our full data privacy statement.

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