Grass and high trees surrounding a series of electricity pylons with a grey and cloudy sky in the background

Essential Refurbishment

Kearsley to Whitegate

North West

We are carrying out refurbishment work on our electricity transmission line that runs between our substations in Kearsley and Whitegate. This line is 15km long and has 45 pylons.

Latest update

As an owner of critical national infrastructure, we at National Grid know that millions of people are relying on us, now more than ever, to keep the lights on and the gas flowing.

Our overhead line between Kearsley and Whitegate is a key part of this critical national infrastructure and our work on the line needs to be progressed to ensure our network remains resilient for next winter.

At a time when everyone is being asked to stay at home wherever possible, we understand it can be unnerving to see others going about their daily work.

Our people who need to continue working on site and in the community are doing so under stringent health and safety measures to protect not just themselves but also the communities in which they operate, and these measures will be regularly reviewed.

We continue to liaise closely with government to ensure we’re following the most updated guidance and that the decisions we’re making are in the best interests of our people and communities throughout this period.

If you have any queries about our works please do not approach our workers but contact our community relations team.

Project description

This essential maintenance will involve replacing fixtures and fittings on the pylons and also painting them.  This will ensure we continue to provide a reliable supply of energy to homes and businesses for years to come.

You may notice our team on and around the pylons along the route. You may also see some activity ahead of the main work as our contractors create access routes to the pylons by clearing vegetation and laying stone. During certain parts of the work it may be necessary to close some footpaths and cycle routes in Phillips Park in Bury. This is to allow us to work safely and protect the users of the park. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We will only close paths and cycle routes when we are working on the pylons in the area.

In order for our teams to do the work safely we need to work separately on each of the two electrical circuits. We will work on the first circuit in the summer of 2019 and the second in the spring of 2020.

Our work will not result in any power cuts.

Once all works are complete in 2020 we will work with land owners to re-instate any damage we have caused to the land.